Books of Note

Practical Common
LispThe best intro to start your journey. Excellent coverage of CLOS.

ANSI Common
LispAnother great starting point with a different focus.

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence
ProgrammingA superb set of Lisp examples. Not just for the AI crowd.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Art of the Metaobject Protocol 

I have been consuming Lisp books lately at quite a clip. My latest purchase just arrived yesterday: The Art of the Metaobject Protocol. I'm looking forward to this one and will post a review as soon as I get done. I'm hopping on a coast-to-coast (Oakland -> New York) flight tomorrow that should give me some time to sink my teeth into it.

Believe it or not, I'm still working my way through Lisp in Small Pieces. As I said before, there are parts of that book that are just deep and require you to be very much awake to consume them. Unfortunately, I have just not been up to it for the past couple of weeks. I'm coming to the conclusion that that particular book may have to wait until I build up some more Lisp experience and background. It's just too hard of a slog without that.

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