Books of Note

Practical Common
LispThe best intro to start your journey. Excellent coverage of CLOS.

ANSI Common
LispAnother great starting point with a different focus.

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence
ProgrammingA superb set of Lisp examples. Not just for the AI crowd.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Swine Before Perl 

Cullen O'Neill wrote to me to remind me of Shriram Krishnamurthi's presentation titled The Swine Before Perl (PDF, PPT, audio). Krishnamurthi is a Schemer from Brown University who works on PLT Scheme. In his talk, Krishnamurthi uses the short example of a pattern matching automaton to show how Scheme (and by implication Lisp) macros can be used to develop custom-syntax for things like state machines. References to this talk have been posted a few times on comp.lang.lisp and it is very good. If you haven't done so already, I highly encourage you to download the presentation and go through it with the audio. The audio track is excellent and Krishnamurthi is a very entertaining speaker. I'm sure he's an excellent lecturing professor and his students must really enjoy every minute with him (well, except exam time, etc...).


The paper mentioned in the post has moved here:


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