Books of Note

Practical Common
LispThe best intro to start your journey. Excellent coverage of CLOS.

ANSI Common
LispAnother great starting point with a different focus.

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence
ProgrammingA superb set of Lisp examples. Not just for the AI crowd.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Useless factoid: Finding Lisp made page 12! 

For grins, I checked out Finding Lisp's ranking on Google. Finding Lisp made page 12. I think that's good judging by the various high quality resources that were on pages 1 - 11. Interestingly, the first reference to the HyperSpec occurred on page 5. That was odd. Of course, Google can't delve into people's browser bookmarks, just the cross-links (every Lisp user has the HyperSpec bookmarked, right?). Pascal Costanza's Highly Opinionated Guide to Lisp also made page 5. (All this with the default 10 links per page, of course. I suppose I could have made page 2 with 100 links per page. ;-) )

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