Books of Note

Practical Common
LispThe best intro to start your journey. Excellent coverage of CLOS.

ANSI Common
LispAnother great starting point with a different focus.

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence
ProgrammingA superb set of Lisp examples. Not just for the AI crowd.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lisp Bloggers Unite! 

The other day, Brian Mastenbrook was insightful enough to say, "Hey, everybody who writes a Lisp-related blog, let's get a picture together before this ILC 2005-thing is over with." Here is the result. The pudgy guy in the back with the yellow shirt, that's me. Of course, the camera added another 10 pounds to the 20 I already need to lose. Man, I'm glad Bryan O'Connor was standing a bit in front of me.

Markus was, of course, wearing one of his McCarthy shirts. He asked John for permission to keep producing them and sat in the front row of the lecture hall.

At one point, I did, very discreetly mind you, give John Wiseman a sniff. No detectable lemon smell from where I was standing. That's one theory disproven.

In all seriousness, I had a great time at ILC. Everybody was fun and we all share an interest in a fantastic programming language.

I was still not feeling too well the second day, but I managed to get through it. I'll do a full write-up of Wednesday's sessions tomorrow.


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