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Practical Common
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ANSI Common
LispAnother great starting point with a different focus.

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Moleskines and permanent legacies 

In his blog a few weeks ago, Markus Fix wrote about leaving a legacy. I think it's definitely true. In fact, I think I share his fondness for fine paper and fountain pens. I do far too much with a computer these days and I know that I'm not leaving as much legacy as I could be. There's something odd about that, having all this technology, but all of it so impermanent.

My own preference is for Moleskines, which I discovered at 43folders, and a Waterman fountain pen from Levenger, which I have owned for almost a decade now. I noticed that Peter Seibel seemed to be carrying a small Moleskine pocket notebook at ILC 2005.


Indeed, Peter was carrying a couple Moleskines. The small one was ruled, IIRC, while the large one was blank. He had printed a grid to lay between the pages so he could write neatly without having the heavy grid that Moleskine incorporates in their notebooks.

I commented on his notebooks as I pulled my own Moleskine out of my bag. I carry two of the pocket notebooks: one squared and one music. I may switch to the blank notebook and take up Peter's technique.

Sorry I didn't get to meet you at ILC, Dave, although I think I might have seen you napping during McCarthy's talk ;)

I have always preferred Cross (any color / tip) for ballpoint, and Uniball Micro (blk-blu-red/0.2mm)for liquid ink. The Cross are always smooth writing and the Uniball stands up to laundering pretty well (sad to say this is learned from running my wallet through the laundry more than once). Not being an aficionado, I have no idea about the pH but the pages in my 40+ year-old Bible don't seem to have suffered any ill affects from these pens. :-)

I'm surprised that people are finding the signo inks to work with the Moleskine, I have tried both the Signo RT and 207 and both of them smear easily even after a minute or two of drying time. The G2 is better, but still takes a while to drive. My favorite ink for my Moleskine is the Cross Gel Roller Ball refill which works very well. I actually use it in a Water Phileas Rollerball pen, it fits nicely and the ink seems to work better on the Moleskine than the Waterman rollerball refill.

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