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ANSI Common
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Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kensington gets it right 

A couple months ago, I wrote about my experience with HP and printer drivers. A couple weeks ago, I had another experience with a different company and it was altogether better. Here's the background.

About eight years ago, I bought a Kensington computer bag. It's a ballistic nylon bag, ultra tough and light. I have carried it around the world a couple of times while working for at least three different companies during the period. It's great because it holds my PC and all sorts of junk that I invariably cart around with me, both to work and when traveling (cords, mouse, books, papers, MP3 players, noise canceling headphones for the plane, pens, business cards, you name it).

Well, as you might imagine, it has finally started to show some wear after all that time. As I was thinking that I'd need to buy another one, I happened to bump into a complete stranger at the BART station who said, "Hey, is that a Kensington bag? Those things are great. They have a lifetime warranty! I have been through three of them!" In the past, I have thought that "lifetime warranties" are gimmicks because I assumed that the company would require you to produce some form of documentation after years and years, which you wouldn't be able to do. After this guy's comments, I decided to test Kensington.

I opened up a support case on their web site. They answered me promptly and asked me for a few details such as the bag model number and the serial number. Once that was done, they informed me that the old bag was no longer being produced, but they suggested a replacement model that they make today. Finally, they asked for my shipping address. I got to approve the replacement as being in the same league as what I had owned previously. After supplying my address, the new bag arrived in about a week and a half.

I'm tremendously satisfied with my encounter. They didn't give me any hassle. They didn't ask for photocopies of receipts that I no longer have, didn't ask me whether I had "registered" the bag after I bought it, etc. They simply asked for a couple details that proved that I was indeed a customer and then sent me the new bag. Wow!

So, if you're looking for quality products and a good company that stands behind what they make, I can heartily recommend Kensington. I also have a great little Kensington travel mouse with a retractable USB cable. It has been working great for years and is very convenient.

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